Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We want to welcome Gnorman back to the Captain Swift Inn! As you all remember, Gnorman is the entertainment director and official greeter here at the Inn. Of course, like many higher ups in any organization, Gnorm earned the right to take off during the year for "company business". This off season Gnorm did some exhausting research on other places to stay. He has just come back from a fact finding tour to Bora Bora! He loved staying in the huts that are on piers out over the crystal clear water, but watch out for the sharks! Still, he could not wait to return to the Captain Swift!! He has to relax for a bit from his travels, but he will be back cruising around town soon! One his favorite ways to relax is in one of our great rockers, kicked back with some home baked cookies and a glass of great lemonade!

Watch for his continuing adventures and his great travel tips for your stay in Camden. Please make sure you say hi to him when you come in, we don't want him to get his feelings hurt!

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